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PVC Extrusion Process

Update on Troubleshooting the PVC Extrusion Process. N. S. Muralisrinivasan

In recent years, PVC has penetrated markets once dominated by metals, it continues to grow in popularity with unique and dependable properties that can be used efficiently and produced economically. Because of the flexible to rigid formulations, the field of PVC is continually marked with technical innovations. Additives are also a part both technically and economically in the PVC extrusion processes. Plasticizers are the third largest global plastic additives used in PVC production. The driving forces for PVC extrusion comes from the extensive use of additives in a wide range of applications, increased quality requirements, the need of PVC products that meet increasingly rigorous quality specifications and problems relating to finished products. This comprehensive book contains information on a wide range of topics with the emphasis on compounding and additives but also gives details about the combination of woody materials with PVC to wood polymer composites. This Update will help the reader enhance their knowledge in PVC processing technology. R&D scientists, researchers, production managers, chemical engineers, and academics alike will all benefit.

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Рік видання 2011
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